Nearly all businesses at some point feel the allure of producing what is now commonly referred to as an ‘E-Blast.’ You have your e-mail list all fired up and ready to go, so let’s just take a look at few statistics: 140 BILLION E-MAILS ARE SENT EVERY DAY, and there are ONLY 7 BILLION PEOPLE ON EARTH. That means on average each single person on this planet is receiving 20 emails daily! If you took away from that those who don't even have access to a computer of any sort, that number rises dramatically   These are crazy figures but it gets better! This is where it goes right off the tracks….. of the 140 billion emails that are sent each day…100 BILLION OF THEM WERE REDIRECTED AS SPAM. 

Now what will you do to make your e-mail blast worthwhile? Do you really think the spam filters haven't thought of that before? How about just taking the time to make your e-mail relevant and focused. Not only will people appreciate it, but they may even reward you by reading it!